Quartz Mountain Resources Ltd.

Responsible Mineral Development

Quartz Mountain Resources Ltd. is committed to working shoulder to shoulder with stakeholders to achieve the responsible development of our projects and to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities in which we work.

All activities are guided by the following principles:

Health and Safety We operate in a responsible manner so that our activities protect the health and safety of our employees and contractors, and of the communities in which we work.
Stakeholder Engagement We engage with governments, communities, indigenous peoples, organizations, groups and individuals on the basis of respect, fairness, transparency, and meaningful consultation and participation.
Community Development We establish productive local partnerships to contribute to achieving development goals identified by communities in which we work, to address local priorities and concerns, and to have communities derive substantive benefits from our activities.
Environment and Society We apply environmental and social best management practices in the planning, design and implementation of our activities, from exploration through to closure of our mining operations. We meet or exceed regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions in which we work.
Resource Use We use land, water and energy resources responsibly; strive to maintain the integrity and diversity of ecological systems; and apply integrated approaches to land use.
Human Rights We respect human rights principles, as well as local cultures, customs and values, in our dealings with employees, communities and other stakeholders.
Labour Conditions We provide fair treatment, non-discrimination and equal opportunity for our employees, and comply with labour and employment laws in the jurisdictions in which we work. We strive for excellence in relations between management and employees.

Quartz Mountain Resources Ltd. integrates these Principles of Responsible Mineral Development within corporate management and decision-making, and we work to continually improve our performance. From project acquisitions and exploration through to mine closure, we will assess the financial, social and environmental benefits and risks of our business decisions. Our goal is international best practice in all our operations, in Canada and around the world.