Quartz Mountain Resources is dedicated to acquiring, exploring, developing and transacting important scale gold, silver and copper deposits in British Columbia, Canada.

Why British Columbia? 

British Columbia is a tier one jurisdiction with stable political conditions, best in class ESG measures and is on the forefront of sustainable mining practices. The province's hydroelectric power provides an abundant source of inexpensive and reliable renewable energy and supporting infrastructure such as highways and close access ports benefit the efficient operation of mines. Additionally, with the backing of the HDI Mining group Quartz Mountain has access to decades of expertise of exploration within the province.

Key Acquisition Principles

When evaluating acquisition targets, Quartz Mountain Resources looks for:

Access to Infrastructure

Local infrastructure is critical to the efficient exploration, development, and operation of a mine. By pursuing projects with access to cheap renewable energy and easy transportation we can ensure that our projects are financially responsible while minimizing our environmental footprint.

Access to Talent

Mines are not just found, they are made. Geological, engineering, and financial talent are necessary to maximize shareholder value. Operating in jurisdictions with access to talent allows us to assemble the right team for the job.

Future Transaction Potential

The HDI Mining group has more than 30 years of experience finding and transacting mining projects. Bringing these decades of expertise to Quartz Mountain drives us to focus on bulk-tonnage deposits with large mineral resources and long mine lives, which are most in demand from major producers.

Resource Impact

Quartz Mountain is focused on developing projects containing one or multiple of three core asset types: gold, silver, and copper. Copper and silver are elements critical in the world's push for green technology, both with heavy uses in electric vehicles and renewable energy infrastructure. Gold adds additional value, being the most transactable asset type, and one of the key drivers of mining investment.

Current Projects

Jake Project

The Jake Porphyry Copper-Gold Property was acquired in December 2021 by Quartz Mountain and is located located approximately 160 km northeast of Smithers, British Columbia, and includes a 100% interest in four mineral claims as well as an option to acquire a 100% interest in five adjacent mineral claims from an external vendor. Prior to its acquisition the Jake Property was subject to historical drilling which showed encouraging grades.

A Technical Report for the Jake Property was released in September 2022.

Maestro Project

The Maestro Property was acquired in June 2021 by Quartz Mountain for its gold-silver-copper-molybdenum bulk tonnage potential, which was never systematically explored for by past operators. The property is located near Houston, British Columbia, and includes a 100% interest in ten mineral claims.

A Technical Report for the Maestro Project was released in June 2022.

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